Video Clips

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Computer Visualizations

Understanding the Spread of Global Epidemics
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Follow the Money: Human Mobility and Effective Communities (with audio)
Tour de Sys: The Traveler's View of a Network (with audio)
Tour de Sys
Tour de Sys: The Traveler's View of the US Airport Network
A visualization of the global air transportation network.
A computer simulation of the spatial spread of an SIR-epidemic in Germany. Initial outbreak in Munich.
A computer simulation of the spatial spread of an SIS-epidemic in the US. Initial outbreak in Washington, DC.

Talks & Lectures

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Talk at the Deans Seminar of McCormick, Northwestern in May 2009.
A talk on "money circulation science" at the Ideafestival 2007.

Mathematico-Linguistic Excursions

Prof. Dr. Dzonker R. Hotzenplotz, a (fictional) poetry analyst played by Daniel Grady, reads and comments on poems written by students of (non-fictional) Prof. Brockmann's lecture on Multiple Integration and Vector Calculus in Winter 2009.
(I) Double Integration by Connor Eck
(II) Poem: Integrals by Aaron Blumenthal

Television Coverage and Interviews

IdeaFestival 2007
hr3 Abenteuer Erde
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Seuchenausbreitung: Göttinger Forscher entwickeln Vorhersagemodell (german - Oct 11, 2006)
3sat nano
Pasted Graphic 5
Seuchen und Dollarnoten verbreiten sich ähnlich (german - Mar 1, 2006)
NDR Hallo Nds.
Pasted Graphic 6
Wie sich Seuchen ausbreiten (german - Feb 22, 2006)
Spiegel Online
Pasted Graphic 7
Computer simulieren die Killerseuche (german - Feb 21, 2006)
Google Current News
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Google's Top Searches (Feb 2006)
RTL Nord
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Max Planck Video Doc.
Viruses on the trace of money (Max Planck Video Documentation, Feb 2006)
ZDF heute nacht
Der Weg des Virus (ZDF heute nacht, Jan 2006, german). Read related article. Go to project page.
Spiegel Online
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H5N1 breitet sich in armen Ländern aus (Mar 2006)
Television Feature, Jan 2006, on Forecast and Control of Epidemics in a Globalized World. Read related article. Go to project page.
SAT.1 Planetopia
Pasted Graphic 5
(science program feature - Sep 26, 2005)
Max Planck Video Doc.
Pasted Graphic
Around the world in eighty days - infections jet around the world (Jun 2005)
Pasted Graphic 6
(science program feature - Dec 14, 2004)
ZDF heute
Pasted Graphic 1
(news feature - Oct 2004)
RTL Aktuell
Pasted Graphic 4
(news feature - Oct 20, 2004)
SAT.1 News
Pasted Graphic 3
(news feature - Oct 23, 2004)